why lumos


Our goal is to help students achieve proficiency in English in order to continue their educational and professional goals with success and confidence. Our program is designed not only to give the student the ability to speak English, but also to prepare them for real-world contexts.


The mission of Lumos Language School is to enable success by giving students access to a superior learning experience that prepares them to enter the academic world with confidence and outstanding language capacity.




Integrity is at our core.


Best quality to provide proficiency in English

Passionate teachers who inspire students.


Passion for Helping

We’re passionate about helping you succeed.

At Lumos Language School, we have a clear mission: we dedicate ourselves to helping students master the English language, empowering them to confidently pursue their educational and professional goals. Our program not only teaches English speaking skills but also equips students to excel in real-world contexts. We prioritize integrity and deliver quality teaching through passionate educators who inspire students to master the English language. Our unwavering passion for student success drives us, providing them with access to a superior learning experience that prepares them for academic achievement and exceptional language proficiency.