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Lumos Network is an event designed to connect students with excellent professionals who will help and support them in various aspects of life in the United States, including health, financial matters including taxes, and legal concerns.

The event will be on both campuses, SLC 06/16 and Orem 06/23, starting at 10 A.M until 1 PM, especially prioritized for Lumos students, but attendees are allowed to bring companions.

The event will be divided into two parts. The first part will consist of a coffee break where the event and the professionals will be introduced, followed by the main presentations by attorneys and accountants.

The students will be divided into two groups in different classes to see each presentation.

immigration attorney

Studying English is the start to your journey in the USA. The Attorneys will be here to present you the future opportunities that you could achieve and make your staying in the country smoosh and possible. In addition, when you are a F1 student you have to be aware of your status, the school is here to explain as well, but having professionals in immigration and law, it can explain in detail the consequences and the necessary precautions.


Although F1 students can not work, technically you don?t need to worry about taxes, but there are other things that you do have to plan for and worry about. Is important for immigrants to understand how the system works, because it helps build credit history, financing cars or houses, and business planning. The professionals will be here to advise and guide you on the best path for you to follow being an immigrant.

Health insurance

For some countries healthcare is public, which means that it could be easier to have access. Here in the United States it is private and it can be very expensive without insurance. Having health insurance is important for everyone, everywhere. The professionals will be presenting to you what the plan covers and the importance of having one , so you can have better access to healthcare in the country, and prevent financial risks in the future, if something with you or family happens, when it comes to healthcare. And it will bring you more stability and peace of mind having and taking care of your health, which brings a better lifestyle in the U.S.


220 E. 3900 S/
Salt Lake City, Utah 84107

USA | 801-265-2345 / Fax 855-919-6160
Brasil | +55 11 3042-7711
Chile | +56 22 754-4989
Colombia | +57 601 770-2909


930 S. State St.
Orem, Utah 84097

USA | 801-265-2345 / Fax 855-919-6160
Brasil | +55 11 3042-7711
Chile | +56 22 754-4989
Colombia | +57 601 770-2909