June 12, 2023

Utah is becoming one of the most popular destinations to live among Americans and exchange students wishing to study English.

If you belong to this group, it’s crucial to analyze the various available places and living costs in Utah, a state full of opportunities!

So, how much does it cost to live in Utah?

Housing in Utah

Like all states in the United States, Utah offers various housing options.

As an international student, your choices may vary based on your preferences, such as whether you want to live near school, considering transportation issues, and whether family accompanies you.

What are the available options, and how much does it cost to live in Utah with each of them?

The options that the state of Utah offers include houses, townhomes, apartments, and rooms.

Like in all states and countries, metropolitan cities are more expensive than suburbs, and this rule doesn’t change in Utah.

In other words, the cost of living in Salt Lake City is higher than in Orem, a suburban city.

Average Rental Prices

Let’s talk about rental values, on average, here in Utah.

The prices can range from $600 to $2,000, depending on the location, chosen space, and the number of people. As a student, you can rent a room, studio, apartment, townhouse, or house.

Going into more detail:

  • Room rental: ranging from $600 to $1,200.
  • Apartment: the rent starts at $1,100.
  • Townhouses and houses have values starting from $1,600.
    We must always consider the chosen city or neighborhood.

Additional Costs

The values mentioned previously do not represent the total cost. It is still necessary to consider expenses related to the location, such as electricity, water, heating, garage, and internet.

Each location has distinct characteristics; some rental contracts may include certain expenses. Therefore, it is crucial to consider that the mentioned value is an average and reflects what is generally paid over the month.

In other words, additional utility expenses are expected to vary between $100 and $200 monthly.

Room Sharing Options

For those looking to save on housing costs, having a roommate or opting for a shared housing arrangement is a viable option.

Many of our students choose to share housing with other students from Lumos.

What websites can I use to calculate how much it costs to live in Utah? In Utah, the most commonly used sites are:

cost do live in utah rent

These sites and apps also help you find roommates who can help you find a suitable living situation for your budget.

Additionally, our student portal will have a dedicated section where students can advertise rooms available in their houses or apartments for rent sharing.

Upon arrival, you can access our website to check how much it costs to live in Utah. You can share expenses with Lumos students. Each person can make a different contribution.

Application Process

During the application phase, all residents must present their documents.

Common documents are:

  • Identification;
  • Proof of financial ability to afford the rent;
  • Social Security Number (SSN), essential in the U.S. social security system, is used to identify and manage social benefits and as a personal identifier in various legal and financial transactions. An alternative to the SSN is the ITIN Number, which anyone, regardless of nationality, can obtain. A deposit is also commonly requested upon approval to rent a residence.

The amount of this deposit can vary depending on the rent amount and your credit score in the country. On average, it is $500.

The deposit guarantees against default rent payment and damages or mainly for making repairs and adjustments to the place after the tenant leaves.

It is always important to remember that each location can vary, especially when talking about room rentals.

Minimum and Maximum Contract Duration

Again, this can vary greatly, but here in the United States, specifically in Utah, we can have month-to-month contracts, and the most common are contracts of 6 months, 12 months, or more.

Regarding the maximum, you can renew the contract, but this will depend on the place’s owner.

It is crucial to highlight that practices vary between places, especially regarding room rentals.

Options for Places Around Lumos to Live 

Lumos Language School has two campuses. The first is located in Millcreek, near Salt Lake City, the capital of the state of Utah.

The second campus is in Orem, further inland in the state.

The distance between the two campuses is approximately 40 minutes.

Salt Lake City Campus:

  • Millcreek,
  • Murray, (6min)
  • Taylorville, (14min)
  • Salt Lake City, (20min)
  • South Salt Lake, (7min)
  • Sandy, (18min)
  • Draper, (21min)
  • Ogden, (44min)
  • Bountiful, (22min)
  • West Valley, (12min)
  • Cottonwood Heights, (16 min)
  • Midvale, (14 min)
  • West Jordan, (17 min)
  • South Jordan, (19 min)
  • Riverton, (21 min)
  • Herriman, (30 min)

cost to live in utah - maps

Estimated time based on the car.

Orem Campus:

  • Orem,
  • Provo, (10min)
  • Lindon, (10min)
  • Pleasant Grove, (14 min)
  • Springville, (20min)
  • Spanish Fork, (21 min)
  • American Fork, (12 min)
  • Lehi, (19 min)

cost of living in Utah by car

These cities are the closest to our campuses; you can start exploring them as options.

When you arrive here, you will have the opportunity to decide where you will live effectively! In addition to these, there are others you can also explore.

These are our suggestions!

Remember that all our English classes are face-to-face!

Contact our team for more information on how to apply and prepare for the visa, increasing your chances of approval.

Fulfill the dream of learning English and experiencing life in the United States!

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