Lumos Language School teachers are qualified, experienced, dedicated professionals who have experience in teaching English as a second language to students throughout the world. All Lumos teachers are required to have a Bachelor?s degree in Education, English or related area. Also, Lumos incentive all teachers to received, if they do not have already, the internationally recognized teaching qualification in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) or other certifications in the teaching field.

We understand that the most important part of learning the English language in a classroom setting is the quality of the teacher. That is why Lumos Language school puts in countless hours in the search for our educators to ensure that our students are learning from qualified and prepared teachers.

Each semester we discuss teaching practices and to receive training in new teaching techniques through teacher meetings. One of the unique positions at Lumos Language School is our Teacher Coordinator who?s exclusive responsibility is to make sure that the quality of the our teaching is consistent throughout the school. The Teacher Coordinator also serves as a mentor and trainer to our teachers. All this is done to make sure that Lumos students receive the best quality teaching and experience of the English language possible.

Ano após ano, pesquisas de nossos alunos mostraram que nossos professores são uma das melhores partes da experiência de nossos alunos durante seu tempo na Lumos. Com isso em mente, a Lumos Language School e nossos professores trabalham incansavelmente para preparar a melhor experiência de aprendizado para nossos alunos, desde a preparação das aulas até as viagens de campo fora da escola, tudo o que fazemos é para garantir que você seja bem-sucedido em sua experiência de aprendizado.