Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) methodology in teaching English as a Second Language is student-centered and emphasizes using language for communication in real-life situations.

In CLT, the role of the teacher differs from that in traditional ESL teaching methods. In traditional classrooms, the teacher is the central figure responsible for the course content and motivating the learners. However, in CLT, the teacher acts as a facilitator. Here, students share responsibility, set goals, and take charge of their language learning.

OUR teaching methodology


Reading is an important part of learning any language, specially when you plan on using the language in an academic or professional setting. Lumos teaching approach gives our students the opportunity to practice reading through editorials, magazines as well as university level books to help our students to follow any kind of reading material.


Modern communication writing is an essential part to anyone wanting to communicate in another language. Throughout your course students will be challenged with different writing assignments and essays constructed to help prepare them to efficiently communicate using their writing skills.


La pronunciación adecuada es una preocupación para cualquier estudiante que escuche un nuevo idioma. Dado que nuestros profesores son hablantes nativos del idioma inglés, nuestros estudiantes pueden estar seguros de que se les está enseñando la pronunciación adecuada y la entrega del idioma de manera clara y efectiva.


Quizás la parte más desafiante al aprender inglés para la mayoría de los estudiantes es la parte oral. En Lumos Language School, los estudiantes serán desafiados a practicar hablar con hablantes nativos y recibirán comentarios importantes sobre sus puntos fuertes y débiles con nuestra metodología. Al practicar el habla, es extremadamente importante hacerlo con hablantes nativos del idioma para garantizar una pronunciación y una estructura de oraciones adecuadas.

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